Karen Hart Band Pretending


Kim Vatis - NBC 5 News Chicago - Taste of Chicago - "Karen! You are all such a blast. We had so much fun meeting you and rocking with you for NBC 5 News at the Taste of Chicago. Not just a great band, but great people. You made our news show. The quick rocker lesson worked. Some people thought I actually played your really cool heart-shaped guitar! Rock On! My best, Kim Vatis NBC 5 News Chicago!"

Kori Chambers - FOX News Chicago - "I love these guys"

Wanda Wells - Taste of Chicago - FOX Stage - "musical splendor is what you get when Karen Hart performs"

Rick Weigand - Northlake Days - "I'm impressed! Great song list, lots of heart."

Julie Rhodes - Woodridge Jubilee - "Thanks for a great performance at Woodridge Jubilee, we all enjoyed the show! Your ninety minute set of rock'n'roll left the audience wanting more. I just love a female fronted rockin' band."

Rachel Schmit - Batavia Windmill City Fest - "Wanted to drop by your page and thank you for doing such an excellent job with the Windmill City Festival! The feedback was amazing and we can tell you have a lot of loving fans following you~ Great Job!"

Chris Oakley - Carol Stream Fest - "KHB performed a great set of rock n' roll standards with tight musicianship and soaring vocals to the delight of the crowd. Collectively, the members of the band are all road tested musicians that don't miss a drum beat or a guitar lick."

John Badway - Winfield Good Old Days - "The Winfield Lion's are not only very grateful for the contribution of your band, but we were very surprised. The level of professionalism, the sound, the musical selections, the execution and delivery made for one good and high energy presentation. The sound engineer also had very good comments. The success of our endeavor in part is certainly attributable to the Karen Hart show. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"

Adam Vasquez - Wood Dale Park District - "I would recommend the Karen Hart Band to anyone that asked, they really entertained the audience and sounded great."

Debra - "You were great at Plainfield Fest. All of my friends loved you!"

Marty Mardirosian - M&R Rush (Monee Fall Fair Festival)- "What a great band to work with!" "Professional, entertaining and the music was tight - tight - tight!" If I was in charge of entertainment at a festival I would hire The Karen Hart Band in a second!!!"

Mark Busch - "I shot some pictures of your show at Winfield Good Old Days for the local paper... By the way enjoyed the show."

Richard Jackson - We were excited to see such an upbeat, relatable group performing. They brought a lot of life and energy to the event, and we would love to see them become regulars at events in the future. Exceptional job.

Sonia Gudino - "Thanks for Rockin' our rooftop, everyone fell in love with your band!"

Tony Amaro - - "And here's one show that has it all, a solid rythm section, killer lead guitar work and an angel on vox, guitar AND keys. What more can you ask for?"

Dan Menotti - "I really enjoyed you and your band. Sounded great and even liked some of the songs better than the original artist. Hope to see your show again soon."

Lenny - dZyre Sound and Lighting - "You put your Hart (no pun intended) ok Heart and soul into your shows on stage...and your singing..."

Jerry - "Saw you,and the band for the first time in Woodridge last night. I see I have another band to follow.......Great show and great selection, way to go!"

Paul Fay - "It was with good reason why we had you return again! Performance was awesome!"

Daniel Fahlgren - "Thank you for the Great show in Plainfield last night!! Fantastic Rock 'N' Roll! I was happy to be part of the "best crowd ever"."

Jennie Rollins - I was at Batavia Windmill Fest, you do Janis like no other, thank you!

Linda - "Really enjoyed seeing you guys!"

Bob Rentner - "Thank you for rockin' our inaugural block party! You brought the block together from individual gatherings to a collective party that gravitated to the music. We are proud to have been part of KHB's Summer of '09 Tour!!"

Mickertt - "KHB, you guys rock! You will see several of the families from our block party at your upcoming performances. Thanks for rocking it for us! Keep it up!!!"

Julie - "Just a quick thank you again for a wonderful performance!! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. You can be sure that if you play at McNally's there will be a large group there to see you and your band. Thanks again to you and your band."

Valerie - "That's an awesome article and so true! I think what makes your band so special is all of you love what your doing and you put your "Hart" into every song. Your an awesome band and I hope more facebook friends get a chance to check out the band this year. I'll see you at Eli's for sure..Great cause!!"

Mike - "Awesome job last night. Great song list and tight. Very professional too (I can't stand it when bands spend time chatting between songs and saying boring things on the mike). I'm very impressed. I'll definitely keep your schedule and see you again. Sound man did a nice job of mixing too."

Matt - "Karen & the band were awesome. I had a blast."

Stacey - "You and your band were fantastic!"

Lori - "Great web site! It was good to see you guys. We enjoyed the band, you guys are awesome! We especially like the variety of music you play. We look forward to seeing you again."

Karen & Mike - "You guys put on an awesome show!!! Thanks for talking to us after the show. That means a lot that you take the time to do that. It's things like that, that keeps us coming back to your shows time & time again. Karen looks like she is having sooo much fun onstage!! Thanks, again, for a great show!!"

Ginger - "Special K, YOU ROCK!"

Marilyn - "We had such a good time and your band is just great! We plan to come out again..."

Gina H - "I wasn't able to get to the gig but some of my friends went anyway, called me and said you guys were awesome"

Robinlee - "Hey...Nice website!"

Lenny - " Karen, You put on a great well and sing - know harmonies...just like a lead singer should!"

Diana - "you guys are awesome!!!!!!"

Meredith Anway - OMG....we had the best time rockin out with you at Hotshots!! I love hot women that can whale on the guitar!!!!

Valerie Wilson - Saturday was awesome...Can't wait til you return to TJ's...You ROCK!!!

Milissa Keene - Karen, loved the show Sat. I wished I had talked to Norm sooner to find out about the band. You guys are soo good. John and I loved it. I told Norm I am trying to get a whole group together to see you guys in Feb. See you then.

Natalie Kurowski - hey Karen I saw one of your shows at a bar. You guys were awsome!

Peggy - "You guys were great, and what a fun time!!!"

Jamie A - "I listened to a couple of your songs and I really liked what I heard. Al and I are really looking forward to hearing you. I really enjoyed the Pics as well."

Desanie - "We all had Fun!!!!! -.Lisa and I thought you sounded greeaaaat!!!!! "

Gloria B - "The band was JUST GREAT!!!!! I thought you were good when you started ...but I see you have become even better. Your singing style at times ...Pat Benetar sounds sooo good! ...and the fan ...we loved the fan blowing effect. We really enjoyed the evening. Keep sending me your dates."

Jen - "Hey, who designed the logo you guys have on the website? It's really cool looking. I wanna put it on a tee shirt! Lol. Hey, then I can be a walking advertisement for the band, lol. You guys did AWESOME"

Richie - "Good job on Saturday night!! You guys were really good..."

Diane - "just wanted to tell you that you guys rocked the Fest last night!!! Totally awesome!!!"

Val - "Hi Karen, It's Val. Nice show last night at City Limits, my friend Barb enjoyed you too."

Diana - "The band was totally awesome, better than the Gin Blossoms--Rock on dudes and dudettes!!!"

Gina - "The pictures from the Gin Blossoms show look great!"

Pam - "congratulations on the front page of the Herald. GREAT PIC."